J'ai mal au ventre

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05/11/2018, 08h14
If you do not have a lot of times for entertainment, but you will want to get the best bangs for your bucks, then do not hesitate to play these fun browser games immediately.
You do not need to download or sign up for these completely free to play games. Just go on the game landing page on your favorite browser, and you can already engage in never-ending fun. Here is the best collection of the best online games for you to play free with no download!

Worm Food

The worm needs to eat more and more tribesmen to survive.

Worm Food is an exciting browser game that will capture your attention for endless hours. This casual arcade game let you have total control of the giant worm monster. Your main task is to leap from the underground to eat as many tribesmen as you can find. But it is not that simple as it may sound.

As the worm grows larger, it needs to eat more and more tribesmen to survive. However, the tribesmen also learn new strategies to avoid the worm by laying traps, mines, spikes as well as equipment themselves with various weapons to fend off the worm.

That is why even though you have a lot of immense power with the large worm, you still need to plan your tactics so that you can avoid these traps and successfully consume your food source.
The game also features a pleasing pixel art graphics with dark green as the primary color to deliver to dark and gritty tone. The music is decent with a snazzy backtrack that is fun enough to listen to while you play.


Just point your mouse pointer to any location you like on the screen!

Slither.io is multiplayer snake game that you can play endlessly for free thanks to its brilliant gameplay mechanics. If you are familiar with the classic snake game, then you will understand how Slither.io works immediately.

This fantastic game is one of the best online games to play with friends. You take control of a colorful worm, and you need to consume a lot of glowing pellets to gain mass and increase your size. The main objective is to become the biggest and longest worm on the server.

There will be other worms controlling by the real players. You will die and lose all the progress if you collide with another worm. That is why you must cleverly avoid all other worms while still competing for pellets resource to grow.

The control of this game on the browser is very smooth and make it easy to play and enjoy the game. You just point your mouse pointer to any location you like on the screen, and the worm will move to that location.

You can also hold left click or right click to make the worm move faster in exchange for losing its body mass. This is a neat little feature to give you a competitive edge in the race for food resource as well as avoiding other worms.

Vikings Village: Party Hard

Click on the screen to perform a whirlwind punch!

Vikings Village: Party Hard is a free-to-play game on the browser that let you enjoy the wild ride of an enclosed combat arena against other Vikings. Your primary objective is nothing other than to punch and destroy other Vikings in the game. You can do it by aiming and clicking on the screen to perform a whirlwind punch until their health bar reaches zero. Simple enough.

However, many other angry Vikings are trying to overthrow you at the same time to be the king of Vikings at the top of the leaderboard. That is why you need to use all the clever maneuvers to emerge the final victory on the last man standing area. Live the gaming world in these free online games no downloads!

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