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21/01/2019, 08h52
Top 10 messaging apps famous worldwide

In the modern world, communication is essential and we can not do anything without communicating with others. Sending messages is one of many ways people use to speak their minds. For the last ten years, sending messages has been the dominant form of non-verbal communication. In this article, we give you the top 10 messaging apps you should download and use them instead of regular texting, which is inconvenient and costs you money. One more thing, this list’s order is random; it doesn’t mean the first messenger is the best messenger, each has its strengths, we describe the features for you to decide which one to download and use.


Skype appears first in this list. Skype is famous worldwide, especially in the working environment. Microsoft Inc. purchased this app with the price of 8.5 billion dollars in 2011. And from that moment, Microsoft has developed Skype into the whole new level. Skype became the necessity for many people, especially business people. Skype has some of the highest privacy; it protects customers’ information carefully. Skype users don’t have to worry much about privacy being a problem when using it, which is the biggest reason why it is trusted and used mostly by businessmen. You should try out Skype to exchange about works with the safety it brings.

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Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is likely to be the most used messenger all around the world because it will have the same amount as the Facebook users. Facebook’s popularity is something that we all know, that makes Facebook Messenger became popular as well. Facebook Messenger updates continuously - along with it are new features to please users. New emojis, new icons, new ways of delivering messages or even maybe a new interface to attract users. Facebook Messenger respects their customers; the customer service is always working hard to adapt to users’ wishes and opinions. If you usually use Facebook, there is no reason to skip Facebook Messenger. Download Facebook Messenger to your Android to get the best experience texting.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is a popular messenger as well. This app doesn’t rely on phone numbers to add contacts since it uses usernames and groups to chat. Kik Messenger’s functions don’t stop at sending text messages; it can also share images (including memes) and videos. Kik Messenger can also run on PC with its PC version. Kik’s group chat can contain a maximum of 50 people. Download Kik now for the new messaging tryouts.

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WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is the blue younger cousin of WhatsApp messenger. Its primary functions are similar to WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus could be considered as the successful update of the original WhatsApp. The customisable theme is one of many cool new features just WhatsApp Plus has, download it now to experience every element.


SnapChat is a free messenger app and very popular with people across countries, especially teenagers. This app can attract teenagers through its interface and cool features which are very suitable for young people. Teenagers like fresh and new things, since their curiosity is very high. Once SnapChat adapted to those conditions, users of SnapChat rose incredibly. Video calls and its quick chit-chat system are the two main reasons why. Besides, this app can be downloaded at no cost, so you too should give it a try.


Telegram is one of the newest messengers. To fulfill the communication required of users, the developer worked very hard to make sure Telegram had everything to meet the users’ needs. Telegram’s particular thing is this messenger has bots. The syncing system of Telegram is excellent and gives users benefits. Being able to read and answer messages by any device synced is one of those benefits. Telegram also enhanced the privacy problem of customers, which makes them feel comfortable using it. You could consider Telegram as one of your messengers and download it for free.


Viber is a chit-chat app. It became famous in the early 2000s. This social texting app has functions and features which are quite similar to other messengers. You can make voice calls, and send messages and pictures through Viber. The limitation of Viber is that you can’t make video calls to friends or post videos through it. However, this app is free to download and it was developed a long time ago, its reputation is therefore in no doubt. Viber is a trustworthy messenger and it is worthy to download.


LINE - a Japanese Company created the messenger and it is now popular among Asian countries. With over 200 million users, LINE is a cool messenger service that provides people with the ability to call and send free messages. This messenger has quite a lot of features like group chat, as well as both voice and video calls. Besides, LINE attracts people with its cute and funny stickers and customizable themes. The high quality of video calls is also a big reason to use LINE. You can sign up an account to play LINE’s games, which is available in-app. LINE is the messenger which suitable for all ages; you should give it a try and be a LINE user.

Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk is an app which was created to communicate by a South Korean Company. Kakao Talk said that it is somewhat similar to WhatsApp messenger. It will automatically sync contacts from your the contact list of your phone. Beyond the messaging function which is the essential thing of every messenger, you can make video calls fast and with high-quality. The stickers of KakaoTalk are mainly related to K-pop stars. This makes KakaoTalk gaining users who are fans of K-pop. If you are interested in KakaoTalk’s functions, you should give it a chance and download it for free.

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WeChat is a messenger developed by a Chinese Company. This app has many cool and unique features which no other messengers have. You can search for nearby users by shaking the phone or try the GPS to locate nearby users with the condition that they have to turn on their GPS too. A free messenger with cool functions, what an app worth to try, right? Get WeChat onto your Android to get the best experiences texting as well as unique functions.

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